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Cookease offers an effortless solution for creating and customizing cookie consent banners and modals for your website. Ensure compliance, enhance user experience, and maintain trust with a no-fuss, one-time setup.

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Cookie Consent: More Than a Checkbox

As regulations tighten, the wrong cookie consent solution can turn compliance into a nightmare, driving visitors away.


Navigating a maze of legal requirements feels like decoding a foreign language


Setting up cookie consents often requires coding skills you don't have time to learn


Clunky, intrusive consent forms spoil the user experience, pushing potential visitors to bounce

Transform your cookie consent from hassle toharmony

Cookease streamlines compliance, offering a seamless, user-friendly cookie consent solution that respects your visitors and your brand.

  • Build and tailor your cookie consent banner with our easy-to-use interface. No coding needed — just a few clicks to ensure your website's cookie consent is both compliant and cohesive with your brand's aesthetic.
  • Say goodbye to complicated setups. With Cookease, simply copy and paste a single line of code into your website. Compatible with all major web platforms, it seamlessly integrates, regardless of where your site is built.
  • Automatic updates ensure your cookie consent is always in line with the latest regulations. Cookease takes the worry out of compliance, so you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Use cases

Compliance is a universal challenge, and elegant solutions are valued across industries. Here are three scenarios where Cookease makes a critical difference:

Website Compliance Auditor

Reinforce the credibility of websites with compliant, user-friendly cookie consents, assuring visitors of their data privacy and fostering trust.

Website Compliance Auditor Cookie Consent Example

Digital Marketing Agency

Elevate client strategies with the assurance of legal compliance, enhancing campaign performance and user engagement through transparent consent collection.

Digital Marketing Agency Cookie Consent Example

E-Commerce Platform

Streamline the online shopping experience with discrete yet clear consent notifications, balancing regulatory demands with customer convenience and trust.

E-Commerce Platform Cookie Consent Example

Cookease in action


Choose Your Cookease Plan - Compliance Without Compromise

Starter Consent Kit

Kickstart your compliance journey with essential features

$ 38

$ 19


  • 1 consent banner and modal

  • 1 website license

  • Access to basic design customization

  • Email support

Pay once. Access forever.


Complete Compliance Suite

Empower your entire web portfolio with advanced compliance tools.

$ 98

$ 49


  • Unlimited cookie consent banners and modals

  • Unlimited website licenses

  • Advanced design customizations

  • Priority email and chat support

Pay once. Access forever.

*Focus on your business, not compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, Cookease is a one-time payment service. Pay once and enjoy lifetime access to the cookie consent management tool.
  • Cookease provides a user-friendly interface for creating custom cookie consent banners, no-code integration with a single script tag, compatibility with all major web platforms, auto-updating compliance features, and a dashboard for easy management.
  • The Starter Consent Kit is designed for a single website and offers basic design customizations and standard updates, while the Complete Compliance Suite offers unlimited website licenses, advanced customizations, priority support, and additional features for managing multiple websites.
  • Cookease operates a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. If you're not satisfied within a certain period after purchase, we'll work with you to address your concerns or provide a refund.
  • Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Simply pay the difference between the two plans, and you'll gain immediate access to the additional features of the Complete Compliance Suite.
  • No, there are no recurring fees or hidden costs. The one-time payment grants you full access to Cookease and all its features as described in your chosen plan.
  • Cookease helps you comply with cookie consent regulations by providing customizable banners that inform users about the use of cookies on your website. Users can then choose to accept or reject cookies based on their preferences. Cookease allows you to provide a callback function to manage cookies based on user consent. Please keep in mind that Cookease does not manage cookies directly but provides tools to help you comply with regulations.

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